PowerBall winning combinations

Greatly improve your odds to win the PowerBall jackpot by playing our professionally generated most often winning PowerBall combinations.

We analyze all of 175,223,510 possible PowerBall combinations after each draw to bring you the best possible winning sets for the next draw.

The best performing and most profitable PowerBall combinations won 85 prizes to this date!

Get your sets now and join thousands of winners using our system!


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The sets will be delivered straight to your PayPal email address after successful payment. If you don't receive an email with the ordered combinations, you can always retrieve them by going to: Get Combinations All you have to do is enter your PayPal Transaction ID and you will see your combinations instantly.


Are they really working?

The combinations we offer are the best performing lottery numbers, that means out of every possible combination which is out there, they won the most prizes. We believe that playing these winning sets will bring you in the long run the most prizes and the jackpot is just a matter of time.

Am I also buying the ticket to play?

No. We provide only the most often winning combinations. It is your responsibility to buy the ticket to play. You can do it online through Lotter website.

How many combinations should I play?

As a general rule, the more combinations you play the higher chances you have and the sooner you can hit the jackpot. And we are helping you to increase the chances with our high performing combos.

When will I win the jackpot?

Based on their past performance, statistically we can assume that it will be a lot faster than playing just about any random combination.

Will everyone get the same combos as me?

We are trying to generate these best performing combinations as randomly as possible to avoid more people playing the same combos and most importantly avoid sharing the jackpot. So every time you order, you will most likely get a different set. If for some reason you receive the same set which you ordered before, we'll send you a new one for free!

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